practice makes perfect

Late last week I ordered a new calligraphy pen. I’ve been wanting to start working on my lettering and thought a shiny, new pen would keep me excited and motivated to keep going. Well, it came in the mail today! It’s an oblique calligraphy pen, so it’s a little more comfortable to hold and write with. I also bought some new ink. I was able to get a set of 10 colors for under $15. (Blick was having an awesome sale : ) )

I’ll only say that I’m just starting out so I’m a little shaky and hoping to get better with practice. I wanted to document where I am now to be able to look back and see my progress. Tonight, mostly I was just having fun writing phrases. Enjoy! : )

it's about time

try me

mean girls anyone? is Wednesday, after all. ; )

mean girls anyone? …it is Wednesday, after all. ; )

Happy Wednesday everyone, have a great rest of the week!
Caroline : )