a reflection of myself

As most of you know, I began my final year of college on Monday. It’s been a week full of new classes, new professors, and new inspiration. Classes began this year as they always do, with a short introduction, and then an explanation of our first project. For many of my classes, these project “descriptions” are often vague and give almost no information about the path of the assignment. As a designer, this vagueness is crucial (as painful as it is sometimes); otherwise you would want to plan your every move and already have your final project solution before you’ve even begun planning the first steps. The reason I’m saying all of is to help understand this next part a little easier. This week, I was told to choose 30 images that inspire, reflect, and interest me. That was it. There were no other instructions. I do not know what these images will be used with or for. I took these instructions to mean that these 30 images would be a representation of who I am. A bit frustrating at first, but as I began to sift through images and choose which ones I felt defined me, I learned something about myself. I’m not even sure what that thing I learned is, but somehow I feel more comfortable and in touch with who I am, not only as a designer, but as a person. Maybe being forced to define who you are in 30 images puts you in a certain state of vulnerability that allows your eyes to do the thinking, rather than your mind. Defining who you are in words is difficult enough as it is, but defining yourself with no words is the real test. This collection of images may not be a perfect representation of who I am, but I think the act of searching for a definition of self strictly through sight and imagery creates a certain awareness and understanding of yourself that words simply cannot.

IMG_2825 IMG_2828

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!
Caroline : )


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