need a quick homemade gift?

Just a short post today! I had a wonderful crafting night with one of my friends last night (post coming soon with details). But before I post all the goodies from last night, I wanted to share a great idea for a quick, fun, homemade gift that we made. One of our other friends is leaving for college in the fall and we wanted to make something cute that she could hang up in her dorm. We found a large cardboard letter at Hobby Lobby and decided to mod podge some scrapbook paper onto it. After we chose our color scheme and mod podged our paper as we saw fit, we sprayed some gold glitter over the entire letter. It seemed to be missing a little something still, so we took some twine I had buried in my craft drawer and outlined the letter & each piece of scrapbook paper with it.


After we finished the front, we turned the letter over and wrote a little note for her. Only took us about half an hour at most. Turned out great and she loved it! Hope this inspired you to get out there and start making something!

Caroline : )

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